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Beyond the Bridge Organics is a small family team who had a dream to grow a really amazing crop, be outside, and really enjoy every day doing something we all love! Our inspiration started as a small conversation about something interesting to do then as we researched and looking into the power crop that is garlic we were hooked.
From there we found a gorgeous piece of property with some excellent soil and put clove to dirt. Each of us play a special role in keeping our operation growing with the best quality crop soil can produce.
Vermont's Best Organic Garlic By Beyond The Bridge Organics

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Maggie May

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Our Mission

Beyond The Bridge Organics seeks to provide our local community, as well as communities throughout New England and beyond the very best in organically grown garlic and passing on the health benefits garlic brings to everyone.

We also wish to provide an online market highlighting the very best of all organic and all natural products offered from our amazing little Vermont community and state.

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